The smallest PCL of the world.

The PICoPLC is an embedded PLC software which is running on a microcontroller and it is easily programmable graphically (in ladder diagram). It enables the realization of embedded systems for those who are less familiar with programming. Everybody can compose the required software in the PICoPLC ladder diagram development environment program, load it to the IC whereon it can run. The ladder diagram is similar to the basic logic circuit, so anybody can learn that easily who has a little experience in electronics. The PICoPLC perfectly combines the advantages of the PLC and the embedded systems.

The software contains all the instructions, which are known from the PLC programming and it is possible to make application, which are usual features in microcontroller embedded systems, for example such as a simple I / O pins handling, use timers, reading analog inputs, implement PWM outputs, UART communication and data exchange with a PC. The software can be tested with the help of the built-in simulator on the PC. Then microcontroller pins can be assigned to the inputs and outputs and the ready software can run on the PICoPLC IC..

  • 15 I/O pin
  • 9 analog input
  • 2 USART
  • PWM
  • Timer instructions
  • Arithmetic instructions
  • Value compare instructions

PICoPLC DevBoard

PICoPLC DevBoardThe operation of the PICoPLC can be easy to understand with the help of PICoPLC development card and sample programs. The developer card featured in the most basic tools for embedded systems, such as relays, push buttons, potentiometers and LEDs and there are an analog temerature IC and a motordriver IC, too. These several simple example programs can be found and downloaded from the webpage.

The example programs include a detailed description in this document, so it is easy to learn and use programming PICoPLC. With the help of this people with less experience in programming may implement even the most complex tool, because the program writing is happened graphically in ladder diagram. 

PICoPLC fejlesztőkártya

Peripherials of DevBoard:

  • 24V Relay
  • Button
  • Potentiometers
  • LEDs
  • Analog temperature sensor
  • Motor driver


The PICoPLC USB stick contains all components (quartz, pull-up resistors, capacitors, power and USB interfaces) in addition to the IC PICoPLC necessary for basic operation of the IC. Thus, the user must insert the tool only the necessary peripherals. The PICoPLC USB Sticks made appropriate DIP-10 encapsulation sizes, making it easy to insert and a removable IC socket, the USB is directly programmable. The PICoPLC USB Stick operation and use exactly the same as the plain PICoPLC IC-sale.

  • Graphics programming
  • 35> graphic manual
  • USB programming
  • Simulator
  • DIP10 package


The PICoPLC IDE is the software development environment of the PICoPLC with which you can develop your software in ladder diagram such as a PLC. The IDE includes lots of instruction from the PLC programming complete with instructions from the microcontrollers world. The ladder diagram is similar to the basic logic circuits, so who has a little experience in electronic, can easy learn it. You can write the software in graphically, so you don’t need deeper knowledge of programming. The ready software is uploaded to the PICoPLC IC via USB. The built-in simulator can help you in the developing, you can running the software on your PC in simulator mode. Every instruction has a simple setup window, which which the user can set easily the parameters. The input and output pin can be easily assign to either pin of the PICoPLC.

  • Programming graphically
  • 35> Graphically
  • Uploading via USB
  • Simulator


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