Kameleon light

Universal building automation module

The Kameleon Light is the first element of the Kameleon building automation system, that is a universal apartment automation module, so it can maintain more functions. It can control the lightning of real estate, the dimmed lightning, heating, space heating, shutter and shade, windows, gates or any unique device for example a fountain or a jacuzzi. All that at the most favorable price compared to the competition.

The system contains numerous intelligent functions, such as group control, that is, the on and off switching of group lightning or the up and down operation of shutters. These are energy saving solutions or protection from weather, like heavy wind. Besides, the different automation functions can be accessed from mobile application, so the user can control his home wire free with the help of his mobile phone.


Installation and operation

The novelty of the Kameleon Light is that it is very easy to install, and the operation does not require a programmer. Basic electrician knowledge is sufficient to easily install the modules in the building, following the cabling in the given guide. You only need to choose the operating function on the Kameleon Light module. The modules, that are installed into the system will automatically recognize each other and the application, thus saving significant cost for the user because in case of other systems, unique controlling software needs to be made for installation.

The Kameleon Light module is able to maintain 15+1 different building automation functions and contains their control software. During installation, it can be set with the help of a rotary switch what functions the given module needs to perform from the ones below.

Universality and functions

Kameleon System is built from the universal Kameleon Light modules, so one device can maintain all building automation functions, such as lighting, dimming, shutters, windows, gates, space heating or the control of any unique device.

The operation of Kameleon Light

The Kameleon Light module can be installed easily, you only have to choose in which mode it needs to operate with the help of a rotary switch. So, for example if it is used in light mode, then we get a type of switch operating with an 8 push buttons like an impulse relay, which are added with the group down or up switching resulting by the longer pushing of buttons.

Structure of the system

– 1 device 1 function

The Kameleon Light module has 8 impulse inputs and 8 relay (EMR or SSR) outputs and one device can maintain one kind of typical function (for example either lightning or shutter or heating control) thus we need to install more modules for different functions, which communicate with each other within the system bus.


The Kameleon System is a distributed intelligence building automation system; therefore it is safer than a central intelligence automation because the failure of one module does not cause the inoperability of the whole building control.There is a 36 months warranty for the device and it has the general requirements of MSZ EN 50491-3 Home and Building Electronic System (HBES) and the Building Automation and Controlling System (BACS) appropriate testing. The protocols of the certifications can be downloaded.

Intelligent functions

The functions of Kameleon System have numerous intelligent controls. These are for example the group controls, whereby all light or shutter control can be controlled at the same time even with the installed buttons on the wall, within the building or from the application. Group controls can be levelly separated. Within the functions the timed shut off or the wind speed monitored shutter control can be found.

Unique user software



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