The smallest PLC in the World


The PICoPLC is an embedded PLC micro controller, which can be easily programmed, graphically (in ladder diagram) and it combines the advantageous features of PLCs and micro controllers. It allows the embedded systems to be implanted even for those, who are not familiar with programming and it combines perfectly the advantages of the embedded and PLC systems.

You can find the simple I/O legs, the analog inputs, the PWM outputs or the serial port delivery and reception in the peripherals and instructions. Besides, it contains numerous arithmetic and value test instructions. The completed program can be uploaded in the micro controller through USB, and during running time it connects to a PC through the bridge of the PicoPLC, with which data can be forwarded. In the development system, commands can be assigned to the USB legs, similarly like to the I/O legs.

  • 15 I/O feet
  • 9 analog input
  • 2 USART
  • PWM
  • Timing instructions
  • Arithmetic instructions
  • Valuation instructions

PICoPLC development card

AThe operation of the POCoPLC can be easily understood with the help of the PICoPLC development card and the sample programs. Devices, used in the most basic embedded tools can be found on the development card, like relay, push button, potentiometer, LEDs, a thermometers and motor control IC too. Many easy sample programs can be found for these, which can be downloaded from our website.

Development card peripheries

  • 24V relay
  • Push button
  • Potentiometer
  • LEDs
  • Analog thermometer (MCP9700A)
  • Motor control (MTS2916A-HGC1)

Detailed description is included in this data sheet for the sample programs. With its help, less skilled people can build even more complicated task-performing devices, because programming is done graphically in ladder diagrams.


Next to the PICoPLC IC, the PICoPLC USB Stick contains all components (quartz, resistor, capacitors, power supply and USB plug), that are needed for the basic operation of the IC. So, the user only needs to add the necessary peripherals to the device. The PICoPLC USB Stick is made with the DIP 10 enclosure, so it can be easily inserted or removed from an IC socket, and it can be directly programmed through the USB port. The operation and use of the PICoPLC USB Stick is the same as the normal PICoPLC IC.

  • Graphical programming
  • 35> graphic instruction
  • USB-s programozás
  • Simulator
  • DIP10 housing


The PICoPLC IDE is the development environment of the PICoPLC and with its help the software can be developed in ladder diagram, like PLC programming. The program is completed with instructions similar to the World of micro controllers, next to the well-known symbols from PLC programming. The ladder diagram is similar to the basic circuit switching, therefore whoever is a little familiar with electronics can easily acquire it. Program writing happens graphically, so deeper programming knowledge is not required. The completed software can be uploaded to the PICoPLC through the USB port. The integrated simulator in the development environment helps the development and the programs can be studied on the PC with its help. There are easy-to-use setting windows for the instructions, which help the user to easily set the parameters of the given command. The peripheries of the micro controller, the I/O legs in other words, are easily assigned to the given commands.

The development environment is free.

  • Graphical programming
  • 35> Graphical instruction
  • USB programming
  • Simulator
  • DIP10 housing

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